Revolutionizing the way you buy and sell recruitment.

RecHunt is a new digital platform connecting companies with recruitment partners and providing a convenient tool to find the perfect match and the best recruitment.

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  • How it works:

    1. Open job posted

    Hiring company creates a job posting, using a template, free of charge and anonymously.

    2. Make proposals

    Recruitment service providers browse job postings with ready-made filters and pitch for jobs matching their expertise using tokens.

    3. Review proposals

    Hiring company compares proposals with criteria important to them, including price, the recruiter profile and reviews from other members. They shortlists the best proposals, to whom the company details are revealed.

    4. Discuss and recruit!

    Shortlisted recruitment partners and the hiring company discuss the profile details and company culture to ensure a perfect match. Hiring company then selects one partner and starts recruiting!

  • Why RecHunt:

    Hiring company

    • Find the best recruitment partner specialized in the talent you are looking to recruit
    • Get access to recruiters in new locations
    • Direct all sales pitches you receive from recruitment service providers to RecHunt - easily compare proposals when you have the recruitment need
    • Anonymous posting – proposal price based purely on the job profile, not your revenue or last funding round
    • Posting jobs and comparing recruitment partners is always a free service for hiring companies
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    Recruitment service provider

    • Get access to the most efficient sales channel – make proposals directly to open jobs
    • Get access to new clients and stand out with your excellent reviews
    • Focus your time on recruiting
    • Have a ready job profile to base your proposal on – template created by recruitment professionals
    • Get access to clients in new locations
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